Jason Wiebe Dairy

Website: www.jasonwiebedairy.com/

Jason Wiebe and his wife Sheri and their four children, Benjamin, Matthew, Shannon, and Julie, live on their farm near Durham, Kansas. They raise their dairy cows on the farm that Jason’s grandparents started. Today they also make natural cheese on that farm. Not only are the Wiebe’s making history with their Farmhouse cheese, they live with history—their farm is located on the Santa Fe trail. Their cattle walk across the ruts left by countless wagon trains. They appreciate their heritage of owning land on the Santa Fe Trail and they look to passing this on to many generations to come. They choose to pass it on to the next generation even better than they received it from the past generation. That’s the depth of their commitment to sustainability.

Our natural raw milk cheese is made in Kansas on the farm (Farmstead cheese) from grade-A, hormone free raw milk. Our goal is to make the best cheese you have ever eaten.

Our raw milk cheeses are aged a minimum of 60 days per FDA regulations.

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