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Jams, Salsas and Preserves

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Fig Butter
Grower: Duluth Cottage Kitchen
Price: $5.55 ( 8oz jar )
Available (Exact): 6

fresh, ripe figs from my garden, blended to a uniform pulp and reduced to one third of their original volume, ... more
Fig Marmalade
Grower: Duluth Cottage Kitchen
Price: $5.55 ( 8oz jar )
Available (Exact): 7

fresh, ripe figs from my garden, coarsly chopped and cooked into real oldfashioned marmalade, just with less sugar than grandma ... more
Jam - Cranberry Apple
Grower: Rapid Gourmet
Price: $8.00 ( 9 ozs. )
Available (Estimated): 16

Enjoy this jam with a hint of Ginger with any type of poultry. This products works well with dressing, on ... more
Jam - Hot Pepper Peach-Organic
Grower: My Daily Bread Whole Grains Bakery
Price: $6.00 ( 8oz )
Available (Estimated): 3

Organic peaches, sweet peppers and jalapeno peppers come together to make a most unusual and delicious jam . Excellent as ... more
Jam - Pumpkin Orange Spice
Grower: Rapid Gourmet
Price: $8.00 ( 9 ozs. )
Available (Exact): 15

Wonderful fall flavors. Great on many items including toast, desserts, pastries or just straight from the jar. It makes the ... more
Jam - Tomato, Basil, Chili
Grower: Rapid Gourmet
Price: $8.00 ( 9 ozs )
Available (Estimated): 16

A wonderful combination of three distinct flavors, ending with a burst of Chili. Enjoy this great selection. more
Jam - Vidalia Ginger Jam
Grower: Rapid Gourmet
Price: $8.00 ( 9 ozs. )
Available (Estimated): 10

Onion and Ginger lovers can enjoy this perfect union enhanced with numerous other spices. This product pairs well with chicken, ... more