580b8466-8a53-42e8-92cb-f0e629dd7c3b Chicken-Pastured-Bone Broth-Soy Free, Organic Fed, No Antibiotics
Grower: Back in Time Farm
Price: $11.00 ( 32 oz)
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Frozen to preserve nutrition. Created by Cultured Traditions and simmered for 48 hours. This recipe includes feet, skins, backs, organic apple cider vinegar and organic vegetables These Soy Free "Certified Naturally Grown" Back in Time birds are locally grown in Barrow county on the "Back in Time" family farm. They are provided an Organic feed supplemented with locally grown Organic wheat and locally grown Organic corn and watered with reclaimed rain water to produce a delicious, healthy and clean chicken for your family. Our chickens are very happy because they live in bottomless portable chicken tractors out in the fields with fresh air and sunlight and are moved every day to new grass and bugs. They are never given antibiotics, growth hormones or chlorine from a city water system. The chickens are processed at a USDA, Certified animal welfare and humane treatment facility in South Carolina. The chickens have been tested by a leading research scientist in the food sciences department at the University of Ohio and found to be 100% soy free. Check out the Back In Time Farm growers photo page for documentation and details. Thank you for trusting us to be your pastured poultry provider. We take it seriously. Bill & Ruth