Chorizo Chorizo (MILD) Sausage
Grower: Presley's Farm
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Mild Chorizo sausage in 1 pound packages. This is a mexican inspired chorizo sausage that contains pork, chili powder, paprika, salt, spices, and garlic. Some recipe inspirations: Stirred into scrambled eggs: Fry chorizo in a skillet, drain off excess fat, then add lightly beaten eggs and cook and stir until eggs are set. Eat as-is (with tortillas and sliced avocado) or use to fill burritos or tacos. Use a filling for tacos, enchiladas, empanadas, or pambazos. Mixed with melted cheese to make queso fundido (also called choriqueso); use as a dip or spread on tortillas, tostadas, or bread. As a topping for sopes, tostadas, nachos, or other similar antojitos. Stirred into refried beans to eat as a side dish or as a spread for molletes or tortas. Combined with other ground meats and used to stuff a roasted turkey or other fowl. Added to shredded beef to make Tinga. Combined with cooked beans, tomatoes, onions, and seasonings to produce frijoles charros. As a topping for a very Mexican pizza. Used sparingly as a flavorful ingredient in certain hearty cream soups such as bean soup.