Wilderness Family Naturals (GROUP BUY)

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USDA Certified Organic

Next Bulk Order- 3/29-3/31/13

Bulk Order for Organic pantry items such as coconut oil, spices, olive oil, mayonaise, raw cacao products, soaked nuts, vinegars, popcorn, natural deodorants, body butters,etc.

Wilderness Family Naturals is here to serve you from the pristine wilderness of Northeastern Minnesota. We are located on the North Shore of Lake Superior at the edge of the Superior National Forrest, in an untouched, unpolluted land teaming with wolves, moose, beaver and bald eagles. This area of the United States has some of the purest water and freshest air in the entire country and the soil here has never been depleted by farming or contaminated by industry. For over 20 years Ken and Annette have purposed to live clean healthy lives, believing that a diet with nutrient dense foods is key.

Initially, Wilderness Family Naturals began in the home of Ken and Annette Fischer, 20 miles from phone lines, electric lines, septic systems, indoor plumbing or plowed roads. In 2000, from the peace and quiet of the wilderness and with the help of their children, they began supplying healthy, nutrient dense foods over the internet. For the first 3 years WFN, which began as a simple family business, grew substantially as they worked to bless people with healthy foods. Soon, they were forced to move to a small town about 20 miles away where they could have UPS and US mail service and the ability to hire employees. Today, Wilderness Family Naturals is in the neighboring town of Silver Bay, MN, and employs close to 30 people. It is still run by Ken and Annette Fischer; however, many wonderful people from the surrounding community come each day to help serve you.

Wilderness Family Naturals was created to help anyone who is looking for high quality, healthy food.

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