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Market is OPEN- Salmon order this weekend!

Market News

This weekend we will be taking orders for Wild Sustainably Caught Sockeye Salmon. We usually purchase our salmon through Vital Choice but this time we are going directly to the fisherman, Heidi Dunlap, a second generation fisherman from The Wild Salmon Co.

Heidi and I have been in contact since March and I’ve been anxiously waiting for our co-op to be able to purchase her recent catch! Prices are $13/lb for sockeye portions and $12/lb for whole salmon filets. The portions will be 2 per pack for $13.40 and the whole filet is $20.60. (Prices include 3% market surcharge). They are boneless, frozen and in vacuum sealed packs.

This is a pre-order and it will be available at the November 13th pick up. I will try to squeak in a shellfish, tuna and sardine (if available) order with Vital Choice before the end of the year but this will be the last time we order salmon this year.

From Wild Salmon Co.:
Hi! I’m Heidi and I run the Wild Salmon Company. We are a tiny outfit committed to providing our customers with an amazing product—delicious, nutritious, sustainably-harvested wild sockeye salmon. So committed in fact, that everything we sell is fully guaranteed. We are also dedicated to the notion that we all should know where our food comes from; that it strengthens our community and our biosphere when we buy organic, locally-sourced food. I am not an organic farmer, though, I am an Alaskan fisherman, and have been since I was fifteen years old. My dad, my brother, me, it’s always been a part of my family. I have been a deckhand, gillnetting for sockeye salmon in southwest Alaska for nearly twenty years, and now I run my own operation.

How it works……

We catch the fish in Bristol Bay and as they are picked out of the net they are placed directly, and with great care, into an icy, briny slurry that quickly cools the salmon. Then the fish are delivered to a processing facility where the fish are filleted, de-boned, and flash frozen, preserving that “just-caught” freshness.

Our promise to you……

In “real” life, I am also a serious foodie, and I struggle to discern a difference between our product and the freshest of the fresh. And that’s no fish tale. This is what I do and really, it seems like what I am supposed to do. Hopefully, this site can show you all why, around here, we are committed to providing delicious, sustainably harvested, high-quality food at an affordable price. Welcome, try our fish, and I promise you will see what the fuss is all about!

The market is now open for ordering!

Upcoming Bulk Order Schedule

  • Nov 9th – 11th: Wilderness Family Naturals ( I will include Unrefined Sea Salt in this order)
  • Nov 16th – 18th: Carrboro Coffee Roasters
  • Nov 30th – Dec 2nd: Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese

Thank you for your continued support!