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Co-op News:Orobianco & FCLO new ordering

Hello Members,

I’m excited to welcome Orobianco to our family of Growers & Producers!

Orobianco (in Italian means White Gold) is a new local company that produces fresh mozzarella cheese and other mozzarella creations. The cheese-maker Massimo was trained by one of the best Italian “casaro” (cheese-maker) in the NYC area and his mozzarella is simply delicious.

Orobianco is the brainchild of Maria Chiara Montanara and Massimo Romano. Maria comes from the region of Campania in Italy, where mozzarella was first made in the XII century. Massimo is orginally from Palermo, Sicily and has trained with two Italian “casari” (cheese makers) in Italy and New York.

I met Massimo this week and sampled many of his creations at their cheese shop in Snellville. He has a true passion for making cheese the traditional way and you can definitely taste it! The cheeses are fresh, milky, creamy and delicious.

The cheese curd from Orobianco is made from cow milk that does not contain any artificial ingredients, color additives or synthetic substances and is minimally processed so that it can be considered “natural” under FDA guidelines. Guaranteed GMO free. Cows are not treated with rBST or fed genetically engineered crops.

Look for their fresh handmade mozzarella creations in the Dairy section on the market website tomorrow!

Visit Orobianco’s Facebook page to see what others are saying about them:

Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO)- New Ordering Guidelines

Green Pasture has lifted the limit on ordering FCLO/HVBO Blend Gels finally! All available items from Green Pasture will be on the market website starting this weekend. I will place an order once we reach the 12 items+ level to receive the discounted prices. You will pay for the items ordered and I will let you know when it has arrived for pick up. Expect at least a week or two from order to pick up. No offline orders please. All orders must be made via the market website.

Upcoming Bulk Order Schedule

  • Dec 7th – 9th: Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese (Details to come in next week’s co-op news)

Thank you for your continued support!