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Market is Open

Good Morning Everyone,

The market is now open for ordering!

Please place your orders by Sunday at 5pm.

Have a great weekend!

News: New Items & Coffee Order

Bulk Coffee Order this weekend
This weekend we will have our monthly bulk order with Carrboro Coffee. Carrboro Coffee provides the co-op with freshly roasted whole bean coffees. These artisan roasters know their coffee growers personally. These are small lot coffees and the beans are bought directly from their farmers at a fair price. Because these are small lots, it is very comparable to our family farms here in Georgia. Most of these farmers cannot afford the organic certification even though they use organic methods. We will be taking pre-orders on the website for the coffee this weekend and place our order on Monday. After they receive our order Carrboro Coffee Company will roast our beans on Thursday then ship to us and we will have them by Feb 19th pickup.

New Items:
B&G Farms:Ham Roasts (3-4lbs)
Fresh Sliced Pork Belly- Many of you have requested bacon that is GAPS diet friendly(Gut and Psychology Syndrome)and here it is! Pork Belly is the same cut as bacon but this product contains no sugar or anything else. You can add your own unrefined sea salt and fry just like regular bacon.

Mountain Fresh Creamery:
Fresh Cream that is low temp pasteurized sold in gallon jugs and pints

Butter made from their cream and lightly salted

Alta Cucina:
Seasoning Salts- variety of season salts made from sea salt and various Italian herbs and seasonings

I hope all of you that picked up this past Tuesday enjoyed the free sample of Alta Cucina Artichoke Lemon Pesto. They would love to hear your feedback! You can email them at

Look for these and other healthy items on the market website on Friday. Please place your orders before Sunday at 5pm.

Thank you for your support,

Market is Open

Good Morning Everyone,

The market is now open for ordering!

Have a great weekend!

Market is open

Good Morning Everyone,

The market is now open for ordering!

Have a blessed weekend!

News: New Grower, Sea Salt and Beeswax

New Grower: A&A Alta Cucina

I’m excited to welcome A&A Alta Cucina to our family of local growers. Alta Cucina Italia was born seeking a way to transport our senses to Italy and its unique and traditional food flavors, through fine gourmet food products.

They use only the freshest and finest ingredients that allow them to offer the best tasting Infused Italian EXTRA VIRGIN olive oils, Infused Red Wine Vinegars, Balsamic Cream Vinegars, Dipping Oils,Italian Vinaigrettes, Pestos, Blended Seasonings, Seasoning Salts and Tomato sauces.

All of their products are HANDMADE in an artisan way and produced in small batches in a certified kitchen right here in Suwanee! You can’t get any more local than that!

They are committed to GREEN & LOCAL practices, and only use 100% NATURAL ingredients, without any artificial flavorings, colors or preservatives.

Look for their made from scratch tomato sauces, pestos, vinegars and oils on the market website starting this weekend. If you need inspiration or recipes check out their website and facebook page:
A&A Alta Cucina Facebook page

Registration is open for Conference

What: Building Nourishing Traditions
When: Saturday, March 16th
Where: Rancho Alegre Farm, Dacula GA

Registration is now open at the following website:

Early registration is open through Feb 23rd. Last year it was sold out early, so register early to ensure your space.

Please note: If you have volunteered to help out or to teach a workshop, please contact Celeste ( for your discount code before registering online. She is still in need of volunteers, so email her if you’re interested in helping out.

Unrefined Sea Salt Order This Weekend

This weekend I will be taking pre-orders for Unrefined Sea Salt (Sel Gris)! We only order sea salt once or twice a year so stock up. Please expect to pick up your salt order in 1 to 2 weeks.

Sea Salt Description
The French perfected the art of high quality, hand-harvested sea salt by using centuries old Celtic methods. It’s no coincidence they produce the finest grey sea salt in the world. Sel Gris is known for its beautiful grey color, coming from the clay lining the salt ponds, as well as its high moisture content and extraordinary mineral content, with bonus nutrients not found in most sea salts.

Sel Gris Tamisé is a medium-sized crystal that is carefully sifted from the brut grains and is comparable to the size of Fleur de Sel. Great for baking and cooking, or to add a delicate crunch to your favorite dish.

Sel Gris Fine is the very same high quality grey salt as the coarser varieties, but is stone ground for easy dispensing from a salt shaker. No additives of any kind are mixed with the salt. The naturally delicious flavor of grey salt and its lower sodium content make this a perfect replacement for ordinary table salt.

Gift Idea- Pour sea salt into a decorative glass jar, add beautiful ribbon and it’s the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys cooking! Makes a perfect Hostess gift too!

Local Beeswax

Beeswax is now available from B&B (our local raw honey guy) in Flowery Branch, GA. It will be sold by the pound.
Here are my favorite uses for beeswax:

1. Lip Balm-Keep your lips moisturized during winter months with this natural protectant. It’s easy to make, just add ½ ounce of beeswax to a small double boiler and melt on low heat. Then add 1 teaspoon of raw honey, 2 ounces of cold pressed organic olive oil and 2 ounces of cold pressed organic hemp seed oil (or flax seed oil) and stir for 1 to 2 minutes. For a little flavor, add about 20 drops of organic peppermint oil and stir well. Remove from heat and store in lip balm tins.

2. Candles-Creating a little ambiance without dripping or toxic smoke is easy with beeswax, and these candles give off the sweet smell of honey!

3. Unstick a Drawer-Apply a thin coat of beeswax to the wooden rails and they’ll be opening and closing like new! The same technique will also work on sliding glass doors that no longer glide smoothly.

4. Sealing Envelopes-Want to make your party invitations stand out? Create a seal with beeswax and use your favorite stamp to leave your impression.

The market will be open tomorrow, Friday through Sunday for ordering.

Thank you for your support,

Market is Open

Good Morning Everyone,

The market is now open for ordering!

Have a blessed weekend!

Bulk Order Calendar, Fridge Needed and Conference

Bulk/Group Order Calendar
In order to help with planning and budgeting below is the bulk order calender for the next few months.

Unrefined Sea Salt – 1/25 to 1/27
Wild Caught Seafood – 2/8 to 2/10
Organic Coffees – 2/15 to 2/17
Grass Fed Cheese (Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese) – 3/1 to 3/3
Organic Pantry Items (Wilderness Family Naturals) – 3/15 to 3/17

1 More Refrigerator Needed
We need 1 more refrigerator! If you are planning to remodel your kitchen and need to get rid of your old fridge or if you just have an extra fridge you’re not using, please consider donating it to the co-op. Please contact me if you have a refrigerator you’d like to donate. We will come and take it away for you!

Save the Date- Building Nourishing Traditions
A conference on making nutrient-dense foods work for you! This year’s conference will be March 16th. Mark your calendars! More details to come as we get closer to the date. If you volunteer you will recieve a discounted or free admission. Please contact Celeste Skousen <> if you would like to volunteer for any of the positions described below. I look forward to seeing you there!

Building Nourishing Traditions
A conference on making nutrient-dense foods work for you!
Saturday, March 16th all day (time TBD)
Rancho Alegre Farm 2225 Givens Rd, Dacula, GA 30019 (registration website to be announced soon)

From Celeste:
This is going to be a fabulous event,because it will focus on the practical aspects of finding and preparing traditional, nutrient-dense foods. We will have a series of lectures on the basics of WAPF principles, the importance of cod liver oil (by Dave Wetzel of Green Pasture), and budgeting & time management tools and tips for using nourishing foods. The afternoon will be packed with workshops demonstrating various preparations of nutrient-dense foods.

We also plan to have have a farmers’ panel to discuss sourcing of great foods and interactions with local farms. It will be a packed day!

At this point, though, I need some help! We need a number of volunteers to either teach a workshop potential topics listed below), or to help out with other aspects of the conference.

Here are some of our needs:

Workshop presenters – potential topics (we need 10-12 presenters):

  • - fermented veggies
    – broth
    – dairy – cultured (& perhaps raw as well)
    – grains
    – nuts & seeds
    – dealing with food sensitivities
    – condiments (mayo, ketchup, etc)
    – oils (maybe discussed with condiments?)
    – fermented drinks
    – cooking with liver/organ meats

Additional volunteers needed (some before the conference, most the day of):

  • - parking crew (2-4 people)
    – setup crew (3-4 people)
    – cleanup crew (4-5 people)
    – lunch rearrangement crew (we’ll be moving chairs around at lunch to
    shift from theater seating to workshops)
    WAPF table staff (6-8 people on rotations)
    – AV equipment procurer (borrowing or renting – our funds will cover
    rental) All volunteers will get discounted admission to the conference; workshop
    presenters and other high responsibility volunteer positions will get free admission.

If you are willing to discuss helping out with any of the above positions,
please email me <> and we can talk further. Also, if you
know of anyone who would be a great presenter on any of the above topics,
please pass along the reference! I’m hoping to make this a valuable
experience for all involved.
Thanks so much for your support,
Celeste Skousen
Chapter leader, North Fulton County

The market will open at 7am tomorrow and close at 5pm Sunday.

Thank you,

Suwanee Market is open

Good Morning Everyone,

The market is now open for ordering!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Suwanee Market is open

Good Morning Everyone,

The market is now open for ordering!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Co-op News- Online Payment Option Now Available

I’m happy to announce that you can now use your credit/debit online to pay for your co-op purchases!

After you make your selections to your cart and proceed to check out you will now see a 3rd button for credit card payments.

You can tie a credit or debit card to your account. Once the card is validated, you’ll be able to pay directly into your account and draw down over time or charge your individual orders to this card. This page is secure, and the card information will be securely stored with our payment processors.

The market manager will not be able to access your card information directly. You will be able to edit or remove this card or replace it with a different one at any time.

There is a 3.5% Convenience Fee charged for credit card purchases to cover the bank and development fees associated with allowing online credit card payments.

We support all Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club cards.

We will still continue to take checks and cash at pick but we hope paying online will be an added convenience.

New Items:
Bread/Pizza Dough from Great Harvest- Whole Wheat and Unbleached White

Homemade Pesto- Made with fresh basil, garlic, roasted walnuts, olive oil and sea salt.

The market opens tomorrow at 7am and closes at 5pm on Sunday.

Thank you for your support!