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Order Confirmation emails

Hi Everyone,

Last Thursday our market website was migrated to a new server and some system upgrades were made. There were a few glitches and a major one was the email confirmation configuration. If you placed an order on Friday to Sat morning you probably did not get an email confirmation with your total. You can double check and get your total by going to Your Account and clicking Your Order History. I will have the packing list that shows orders and totals on the table tomorrow at pick up as well.

Some other system glitches were missing images, problems scrolling and general sluggishness when viewing the site using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. Our developer has fixed all these problems and they should no longer be an issue. If you notice anything else please let me know.

Thank you so much for your support!

Suwanee Market is OPEN for orders

Hi Everyone,

The market is now open for ordering!

Look for Pink Eye Purple Hull Peas from Covenant Family Farms! My kids have had so much fun shelling pink eye peas. Very similar to black eye peas but a milder flavor. Makes a great side dish and is high in Vitamin B and folate!

Market closes Sunday at 5pm
Have a great weekend!