Duluth Cottage Kitchen


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I run a small farm and Cottage Kitchen in the heart of Duluth, growing a wide array of vegetables. My goal is to coax an abundance of high quality produce out of a small area by concentrating on soil fertility and utilizing close spacing. I am proud to be among the many young farmers proving that small farms can thrive with the support of local people who value local food.
I farm without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, so in principle I am an organic farm. My vegetables are not, however, certified organic as I have chosen to forgo paperwork, inspections, and fees in favor of a close connection with my customers. If you ever have questions about my farming practices, just ask!
If you live close to Duluth you can pick up produce and dehydrates right at the farm.

If you want to see more, I will post product descriptions, pictures and garden-stories on my website as well as on my facebook page

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