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New Payment Option - Zelle

I’m offering a new payment option – Zelle! There is no fee to you or me to use this option. You may use starting this week!

You will need a mobile phone to use this payment method.

How to use:
Find Zelle in the mobile banking app of your bank or credit union. If you already have your banking app on your phone, there’s no download necessary. If your bank or credit union doesn’t offer Zelle yet, just download the Zelle app to get started.

Once you enroll, you can send money using my email address or my mobile number 404-934-4644 to pay for your order. It’s super easy and fast – just enter the amount you want to send.

I prefer we do this like PayPal and send your money before pick up on Wednesday. Best to initiate payment right after you order so you don’t forget.

Starting Nov 5th, this will replace the Dwolla payment option. You may still use Dwolla until then if you would like.

For more info about Zelle click this link: